Madness,Muslin,Musings in May

May just whooshed by without being noticed. Well, come to think of it five months of the year have gone by. It’s almost been a roller-coaster and a scorching ,sweltering one at that. As the month draws to a close, I came back home to an empty house (if you don’t count the dogs that is!) with the parental unit having left for the home-town. So May was partly a rushed ride because having one of the parents come over makes it more eventful. Watching them leave is a wee bit depressing and although I cannot be all forlorn like the dogs , sitting near the front door waiting for the father to pop back in ,it is still all quiet in the house now and the dogs are depressed and lost.

The mercury  seemed to want to out-do itself in a hugely competitive drive of wiping out hundred year highs and setting new benchmarks which made the headlines and the heads ache. Mornings became the only time when the outdoors were pleasant thanks to the cool winds from the desert as it cooled off in the night but as the sun rose the sweltering day would begin.  Probably the only relief from the  oppressive heat during the days was the one night it rained in Jaipur. Raindrops ran down the glass panes of the guest house, streaks of lightning split the dark skies into two and the all too familiar smell of wet earth in the rain engulfed us as I sat with my nose glued on to the window of the guest house room wanting to absorb as much as I could of  the sight and smell of rain that one lone rainy night.

Isn’t life a pot-pourri of contrasts, highs and lows,  searing ,stifling days and nights with a blast of cool air?  Sunsets and the skies exploding into shades of muggy yellow amidst the shriek of honking cars and rush of people to get home from work and the watching the serenity of the sunrise sipping my morning cup of tea with in the silence of the morning broken by the wind whispering through the chimes in the verandah.

May has been about soaking the plants early in the morning hoping that they survive the onslaught of the scorching winds during the day. Bare feet trying to soak up the drops from the freshly watered grass as it lifts its head preparing to be singed by the day’s unforgiving sun. Muslin fabric on the skin and open sandals. A fresh batch of mangoes in the kitchen waiting to be popped into the fridge and their sweet smell permeating the house , one of summer’s most distinctive smells almost over-powering the pungent smell of last night’s tortoise coil burnt to drive away the swarm of buzzing mosquitoes and still hanging in air like a veil that is waiting for the breeze to lift it.


It’s been about fretting about the potted plants wilting under the hot,dry winds and lusting after the bunches of golden yellow laburnums dotting the road side and photographing the blazing gulmohar against a blazing blue sky. Waking up early just to feel the breeze on my face and then sweating it out as the rest of the day progressed.


So the month raced by leaving us gasping for breath. Work and work related travel continued and in between the two a need to slow down and take in the moments that make up life. May has been a study in contrasts ,insecurity, disappointment, miserable lows ,inexplicable highs, over-the -top joys and heartfelt satisfaction, emotions that range from one end of the spectrum to the other. As Pema Chodron said,” Rejoicing in ordinary things is not sentimental or trite. It actually takes guts. Each time we drop our complaints and allow everyday good fortune to inspire us, we enter the warrior’s world “. As I look back at month gone by I hope I have tried to be inspired by the little moments of joy and make those moments count. Above all I am glad I have learnt to make the tiny bits , the “ordinary things” that make up the days and the weeks and the months go zipping by.


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